Become An Angel Undercover!

After a hard day’s work, the first thing that you want to do is slip into something comfortable. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of places that offer that kind of gentle and relaxing feeling that you need. So, what's a woman to do? Don't you worry about that! We here at Unusual Babe Undercover understand your dilemma and the best way to solve it.

Our Angel pajamas, a part of our Touch of Elegance Theme, are made of soft cotton knit. Our Angel collection was designed to give our customers the relaxation they need. We also offer an array of styles including camis, boxers, chemise, robes, nightshirt, tees and pajama set. Every angel has her own style, so we want to make sure she has everything she needs. Now, I bet you are wondering to yourself, “What makes Unusual Babe Undercover so special”? Well, our merchandise offer a unique fluted edge trimmed with a delicate Venice lace and accented with a lace inlay and a satin rosette. Plus, all of our merchandise is made from pure cotton which is elegant, sexy, and healthy for your body. We want to make sure not only do you look like an Angel, but feel like one too. The best part is not only can you wear our collections for lounging, but you can even wear them outside with your best pair of jeans, shorts or skirt.

Even though some clothes may have been designed for lounging and sleeping, that doesn't mean they should be made half-heartedly. The clothes you wear should be a testament of the kind of person you are. So why settle for less? It doesn't matter how insignificant the outfit may seem, it is important to look your best anywhere you are, even when you are sleeping. And No one understands that more than we do at Unusual Babe Undercover.


---Anne Odiboh