Spreading The Love!


Receiving my Unusual Babe Undercover boxer and cami set, from the “Love & Peace” collection, was a dream come true! I finally have a pajama outfit that is not only cute and comfortable but also expresses what I have been feeling – the LOVE. They are so soft and breathable because they are made of 100% cotton.  To me, cotton feels like home.  So, when I get a little home sick, I put my UBU pajamas on and feel so much better. The comfy top has embroidered lace that gives it a classy, richer look. My favorite part about the boxers is that they have love written all over them, in elegant cursive writing, as if love is never ending. With everything going on in the world right now, it is very important to spread the love. Just seeing the word love, makes me think of all the things I love and should be grateful for.
---Anastasia Reuss---


I Love My School!



I Love My Dog!


I even love what I had for breakfast this morning!

And I love my UBU pajamas!


Wearing my UBU pajamas make my days even brighter because I always get so many compliments from friends and even my boyfriend saying how cute they are. One evening after a long day of school, I came home and all I wanted to do was get out of my uncomfortable clothes and into my UBU pajamas, but I couldn’t find them anywhere, but sure enough I walked into my roommate’s room and she was wearing them! I know I’m not the only one who is in love with UBU Pajamas.

Seeing that word Love will make people’s days better and get them thinking about how they can pass on an act of kindness to make other people feel the love. I hope that wearing my UBU pajamas around will spread the love because we all could use a little Peace & Love!