Unusual Babe Undercover Is Making A Difference…


There are many intimate apparel and sleepwear brands on the market, but there is no comparison to Unusual Babe Undercover (UBU). Unusual Babe Undercover (UBU) has made a big difference in the intimate apparel and sleepwear industry.  Now, Unusual Babe Undercover (UBU) has launched an online store to capture the intimate apparel and sleepwear needs for everyone. 

Sexy may not be the word that comes to mind when you think of cotton intimate apparel.  Unless, of course, you know Unusual Babe Undercover (UBU), the company that made cotton sexy.  The designer says “Women love the feel of cotton, but that doesn’t mean there has to be a trade-off in style.  Now, with Unusual Babe Undercover (UBU), women can feel comfortable and look sexy.”  Don’t worry, we have the men covered also. 

Unusual Babe Undercover (UBU) is not only fashionable.  UBU is healthy!  Most sleepwear and intimate apparel contains chemical based synthetics that have yet to be proven safe for your body.  Using all-natural fibers as a substitute for harmful synthetic, Unusual Babe Undercover was designed to provide everyone with a healthier alternative.  UBU is devoted to the finest 100% cotton fabrics.  UBU does not use synthetics.  Instead, we use 100% cotton fabrics that allow the body to breathe.  The cool feel of cotton makes our merchandise healthy for the body and comfortable, especially in warm climates.


Unusual Babe Undercover (UBU) also offers a unique collection of fun themed 100% cotton sleepwear and intimate apparel designed to change the way we think about cotton sleepwear and intimate apparel.  UBU is designed with you in mind to let you be you!  Using fun themed prints such as All That Jazz, Weekend In Paris, Happy Hour and much more to capture the fun side in everyone.  Have you ever wanted to just let your hair down and do something wild and crazy?  Now, you can in UBU’s universal themed pajamas that lets you be you.

Unusual Babe Undercover (UBU) is also giving back.  Our Have~A~Heart collection donates a percentage of the sales to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.  We also offer our UBU swag which offered UBU wristbands and keychains.  With the purchase of each UBU wristbands and keychains a $1 is donated to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.  You may learn about Children’s Hospital Los Angeles by visiting http://www.chla.org/.

Be a Babe, and help spread the word about Unusual Babe Undercover!