Inspire To Be You...

We inspire people to be themselves and discover their enter power.  This is your life, own it…

Working with Unusual Babe Undercover (UBU) is not just a job.  It an adventurous journey into the next chapter of your life.  We are giving you the book, it’s up to you to write your next chapter

So, come join the UBU club…
We have the following positions available:

Social Media Intern:

We are looking for social media savvy individuals to help us run social media campaigns and build our UBU brand on social media.

  • Must have master skills in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all social media
  • Compose intrigue and creative post to get attention
  • Optimize social media efforts

Website Developer Intern:

We are looking for website developers to help make changes and updates on our UBU website.  Must have the experience in developing websites and working with html coding.

  • Must have great SEO optimization experience
  • Make changes and updates to UBU website
  • Must think outside the box in website designs

Marketing Intern:

We are looking for marketing savvy individuals to help us with building our UBU brand.

  • Must be smart and savvy with excellent writing skills
  • Must think outside the box
  • Must be very fashion minded…
  • Be able to write and create great marketing pitches
  • Gather and maintain media contact list from all media sources
  • Create and send out press releases and newsletters

These intern positions have a lot of potential for growth and the possibility of a rewarding career with Unusual Babe Undercover.

Please submit your resume to for the position you are interested in applying for.