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Through Our Fashions, We Give Others Life!

Unusual Babe Undercover designs, manufacture, and markets high-quality pure cotton sleepwear and intimate apparel that have been sold through boutiques, specialty retail chains, and department stores around the world. The company’s collection of fun cool sleepwear is perfectly suited for sleeping or lounging. With a vision of helping those in need, Unusual Babe Undercover is donating a percentage of each sale from our Have-A-Heart collection to the Innocent Angel Foundation to help the needy.

Unfortunately, poverty and fashion are two things that do not go together. Unusual Babe Undercover is determined to change things with their programs. Unusual Babe Undercover has partnered with the Innocent Angel Foundation for this great cause. Millions of people are living in poverty in the United States and that number continues to grow. Whether it is a homeless or hungry person or children’s hospitals, we are here to make a difference.  No person should ever have to suffer from hunger, abuse, illness or being homeless. Imagine if you were in this situation, you would want someone to help you.  Have you ever been hungry? Have you ever suffered from an illness, and you just want the pain to stop? Unfortunately, that is not an imaginary situation for millions of people around the world.

Poverty continues to increase along with children with illnesses.  By working together, we can help put a stop to the suffering.   Each time a purchase is made from our Have-A-Heart collection a percentage of the purchase helps the needy.  So, help us make a difference…

UBU Tanks & Tees

Coordinate any of UBU tank tops & tees with any of our pajama bottoms and boxer shorts to create your own style of pajamas and loungewear.