Poverty and fashions are two things that do not go together. Now, Unusual Babe Undercover’s Have-A-Heart program is changing things. Whether it is a homeless or hungry person or children's hospitals, we are here to make a difference. No person should ever have to suffer from hunger, illness or being homeless. Imagine if you were in this situation, you would want someone to help you. Have you ever been hungry? Have you ever suffered from an illness and you just want the pain to stop? Unfortunately, that’s not an imaginary situation for millions of children around the world.

Poverty continues to increase along with children with illnesses. By working together, we can help put a stop to the suffering. We are here to help stop the pain by helping children in need. Each time a purchase is made from our Have-A-Heart collections a percentage of the purchase helps the needy.



Unusual Babe Undercover’s Have-a-Heart Collections have partnered with Children's Hospital Los Angeles to help make a difference in many people's lives and you can too.


Children's Hospital Los Angeles is ranked the 5th best children hospital in the United States and the best children's hospital on the West Coast. Each year, Children's Hospital Los Angeles provides more than 104,000 children with pediatric health care in a setting designed just for their needs. You may learn about Children’s Hospital Los Angeles by visiting http://www.chla.org/.



With each UBU Wristband purchase, $1 benefits

Children's Hospital Los Angeles.




With each purchase from UBU's Have-A-Heart collection, a percentage benefits Children's Hospital Los Angeles.


With each UBU Keychain purchase, $1 benefits

Children's Hospital Los Angeles.



No man, woman or child should ever have to suffer.

Our goal is to help needy children around the world.

So, help make a difference in a life today.


"Through Our Fashions, We Give Others Life"