Love & Peace

Love & Peace

Unusual Babe Undercover is a one of a kind online retailer that not only cares about providing its customers with quality sleepwear.  UBU truly cares about empowering individuals! UBU encourages everyone to be themselves and sincerely love themselves with flaws and all.

UBU offers authentic 100% cotton made sleepwear and loungewear that caters to individuals of all ages and all sexes. UBU offers an array of choices and themed pajamas guaranteed to cater to your unique style.


In a time of uncertainty and fear in the land of the free, it is essential that WE the people unite and stand together. Let us not be torn apart by hate and let us come together as one.

This collection is a reminder that no one should ever put you down. Every day we shall strive to empower and be empathetic towards one another. Remember to show yourself some LOVE as you indulge in a PEACE-ful night wearing UBU’s love & Peace one 100% cotton pajamas!

---Denise Hernandez